About Baydaline & Jacobsen LLP

Baydaline & Jacobsen LLP is a boutique law firm whose practice focuses exclusively on general counsel representation to community associations. We have over 17 years practicing community association law, and are managed by the principal partners Rod A. Baydaline and Jennifer M. Jacobsen. Collectively the team at Baydaline & Jacobsen has over 40 years of combined experience specializing in the representation of homeowners associations as general corporate counsel. The firm handles a variety of legal issues and challenges facing community associations. As relationship specialists, the firm seeks immediate and long-term effective strategic solutions that are risk-adverse and results-oriented.

Our attorneys understand the complex issues affecting master associations which include sub-association community boards of directors and the rights and responsibilities of each entity. We represent all types of "common interest developments" including condominium projects, planned developments and stock cooperatives as defined in the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act.

As the regional leaders of this specialized and unique area of law, members of this form serve on the prestigious CACM Legal Steering Committee. They are considered experts in the California court system on community association matters. they also regularly speak for CAI regarding legislative updates and other legal issues facing homeowner associations. The attorneys of Baydaline & Jacobsen are regular contributors to professional publications addressing the concerns of common interest developments. Additionally, our attorneys lecture on common interest developments for the Lorman speaker series and have been invited to speak in various other forums, engagements and seminars throughout California and Nevada.

Why Us?

Our firm is the region's leading law firm in community association general counsel services. We currently provide counsel to over 900 community associations throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada. Past and present clients range from 5 to 6800 units.